Tracking Capacities
  • S2S Integration

    Server to Server Integration is supported through 22 macros for Advertiser side integrations and 15 parameters for postbacks.

  • Pixel Tracking

    Apart from S2S, FuseClick also supports Iframe Pixel and Image Pixel to track conversions.

  • Multi- Events Tracking

    FuseClick supports up to 10 multi-events within the offer which enable you to track different types of conversions such as Downloads, Installs, Registrations, Purchases separately.Event relationship feature helps to prevent frauds by restricting event's execution order as per user needs.

  • CAPs

    Set budget or conversion restrictions for whole Network, Affiliates or specific Affiliates on daily, weekly or monthly basis and system will notify them about any changes automatically. Make settings for Conversions over CAPs (that occurs after CAPs has been reached) and accordigly it will be marked in report as Pending or Rejected.

  • Targeting

    Use GEO Targeting to manage traffic from 247 Countries and 123 331 Cities. Under Device Targeting you can track Device type, OS, OS Version, Carrier/ISP , Browser, Language.

  • Redirections & Backups

    To optimize your traffic flow, FuseClick provides 7 redirect and backup options in both admin and affiliate ends, so your traffic can be utilized to the maximum.

  • SSL Tracking

    We suppport secured tracking by installing and maintaining SSL certificate on your tracking domain. Contact our manager to get more information.

  • Multiple Payment Models

    Revenue and Payouts can be set independently. We support RPC, RPA, RPS and RPA+RPS for Revenue Model and CPC, CPA, CPS and CPA+CPS for Payouts.

  • Affiliate Payout Types

    Simplify payment routine by setting different payout types only once: for specific Affiliates, for Affiliates according to their payout tiers or default payouts for all Affiliates. Manage your Affiliate Tiers line-up by grouping all Affiliates according to their performance results.

  • Backup Conversions

    FuseClick can syncronize conversions to your backup systems (BI system) in real time, that can be usefull in case you want to do real-time analysis or use your in-house SSP, DSP platforms.

  • Hide Affiliate Referrer

    Keep your affiliate referrer information of the specific offers hidden from Advertiser.

  • Customized Domain

    In FuseClick you can customize your Application and Tracking domains easy within few minutes.

  • Multi currency and Timezones

    FuseClick supports multiple currencies and different timezones to reach higher performance.

  • Multiple Tracking Domains

    Use different tracking domains for your offers to minimize the risk of being blocked by browsers or social medias.

  • Affiliate Parameter Integration Preset

    Users are able to customize and preset the Parameter-Macro pairs between FuseClick and any other affiliate 3rd party platform once and conviniently use them further.

  • Dashboard

    Brief updated summary with key performance indicators will be always at your fingertips.

  • Affiliate management

    Manage Affiliate access to different offers ( includes blocking affiliates). Set auto-generation invoice frequency, group affiliates into Different Tiers for different offer payments assignment or even block unwanted one.

  • Employee Management

    Create unlimited number of accounts for employees and manage employees access (View and Edit ) to specific features.

  • Advertiser Management

    Fill Advertiser IP White List and use Advertiser Security Token for fraud prevention purpose.

  • Offer Management

    Create unlimited number of offers, duplicate offers for easy settings. Modify offers: upload the Logo, screenshots and banners, determine a conversion point, configure tracking and affiliate access.

  • Offer access

    Take controll over affiliate's access to offers with Public, Need aproval, Private statuses of authirization.

  • GEO and Category offer Groups

    Group offers by GEO and Category to make further offer settings easier.

  • Affiliate Payout Tiers

    Sort your affiliates into tiers with a specific payout model and simplify payment settings by assigning particular Tiers to particular offers.

  • Fraud-Campaign

    FuseClick refuse to serve traffics which does not belong to any campaign. All tracking links should be generated by FuseClick system, otherwise access to offer will not be responsed.

  • Events Relationship

    Prevent fraud behavior by dividing your offer into actions and setting an execution order among them. Conversions will be recorded only if customer behavior meet the rule.

  • Unique ID

    Set your own parameters to calculate Unique Clicks and limit conversions according to Unique ID.

  • Advertiser Security Token

    Use Authentication token to check conversion: if it does not match with the token of particular advertiser, the conversion will be rejected.

  • Prevent Bot Traffic

    Restrict bot traffic coming from search engines and it will not be recorded in report, so you could save your money!

  • IP White list

    Create white lists of advertiser Postback server IP addresses and system will accept the conversion requests coming only from these servers. It will enhance your tracking security and reject fraud conversions from other servers.

  • Fraud Detection

    FuseClick has integrated with several 3rd party anti-fraud systems such as 24Metrics, FraudScore. You can check the quality of conversions by sending them to these systems.

  • Real-time Data

    Fuseclick provides real-time data, so anytime you can see the updated information.

  • 6 Multi-functioned reports

    Various types of real-time multi-fuctioned reports will significantly improve your performance analysis. Available report types: Overall, Conversion, Offer, Advertiser, Affiliate, Test Reports.

  • CSV Analysis

    Download your data in CSV for deeper analysis.

  • Click Log

    You can get more detailed information about each click.

  • Affiliate Billing

    You are given 3 ways to generate invoices: Manual, Auto Generation and Batch Generation. Option to download CSV is also there.

  • Advertiser Billing

    Create, adjust, monitor status and download invoices for your advertiser.

  • Dashboard

    Affiliates can see all traffic statistics, balance, recommended offers as well as their Account Manager's contact details on the dashboard page.

  • Global Offer Search

    The global search helps Affiliates to find Offers by Offer ID or Offer Name.

  • Offer Search& Mangement

    Affiliate can see offers available to him. Some offers need to be approved before running. All offers that has been run by affiliate, can be found in My Offers.

  • Get Offer Resources

    Affiliate has access to offer tracking link, offer logo, banner pictures from their end.

  • Offer Multiple Backup Settings

    Affiliates can set a backup offer and GEO redirect offer to avoid the traffic loss.

  • Pixel & Postback URL Mangement

    Affiliates can manage Pixels and tracking links. Also Affiliates can create and adjust their own Global Post Back URL to do S2S integration with other systems.

  • Real-Time Reports

    Affiliates can see all data from Offer and Conversion report. Multi parameter reports make analysis fully exhaustive.

  • Payments

    Affiliates can see all payment (including invoices) info in Payment page.

  • Network APIs

    Network APIs can be used to manage advertisers, affiliates, offers and campaigns, and get access to the reports. Learn more(link to api support)

  • Affiliate APIs

    Affiliate APIs can be used to generate tracking links, set post back URLs, and get access to offers and reports. Learn more(link to api support).

  • Advertiser APIs

    Advertiser APIs can be used to access report data. Learn more(link to api support)

  • FuseAdz Platform

    Offer migration without writing scripts! Run more offers by importing from 3rd party tracking platform (Cake, Hasoffers) and big Networks’s offer libraries (Yeahmobi, IronSouce, Appthis) in few clicks with quick auto-import tool. Learn more (

  • Email Notification

    You can choose actions about which you want to notify your affiliate. It can be: CAPs reached, offer status has been changed, offer access status of affiliate has been changed, affiliate registeration done, and others. Make notification settings once and everytime when these actions happen, Affiliate will get immidiate e-mail notification.

  • Email Service

    FuseClick support email service to your Employees, Advertiser, and Affiliates, to make your communication smooth.

  • Affiliate Offer Tester

    FuseClick supports virtual test to check integration between systems before running a real campaign. It takes less than 1 minute, and in the end the log of calling affiliate's postback URL will be shown.

  • Operation Log

    You can use operaion logs of all participants including Employee's or publisher's login/logout, adding/editing/removing information at exact time.

  • Server Click

    Server Click feature can redirect internet users to APP store directly, in order to reduce the click loss while passing data through several systems. This feature will be abailable by demand.

  • Customization Features

    FuseClick provides more customized features by demands, please contact your account manager to learn more.

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