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FuseClick provides users with fast AD redirecting speed and high tracking reliability. Users can integrate with 3rd party systems, get real-time reports, and analyze data flexibly based on the reliable data process system of FuseClick. As an agency or network, you can use FuseClick to mange all business including employees, advertisers, affiliates, offers and campaigns. etc.

  • Real-time Visibility

    The modified system settings take effect immediately. The next click, or conversion can follow the new rules.

    When click or conversion occurs, it can be viewed instantly within the system.

  • Multiple Level Payouts

    System supports payout settings for each event.

    For one event, user can set payout for all affiliates, a group of affiliates, or a single affiliate.

    User can use different payout model for different event, such as CPI, CPA, CPS, CPA + CPS.

  • Targeting

    GEO targeting in 247 countries, 2687 states or 123330 cities around the world

    Wide options for Device targeting: type, brand, model, OS & version, browser or language

    Carrier Targeting

  • Customize Tracking Process

    Use the server click feature to direct traffic directly to the App Store to reduce redirect time.

    Many redirection options, such as GEO redirection, device redirection, secondary offer or affiliate backup offer, when click does not meet targeting rules or CAP limitation.

    Use the global redirect URL to redirect traffic to any system.

  • Anti-Fraud

    System only accept the Post-Back conversion requests from those allowed IP address.

    System can use customized Unique ID Rules, Advertiser Security Token, and event relationships to limit fraud conversions.

    System has integrated with third party fraud detection system such as 24metrics.

    System also restrict bot traffic coming from search engines.

  • Offer Exchange Service

    Offer exchange service can import offers from other systems to FuseClick automatically and regularly, no need to write even a single line code.

    The service has integrated with many systems such as ironSource, YeahMobile, Cake, HasOffers, AppThis...

    We are continuous to integrate more systems.


See what FuseClick can do for your mobile marketing business.

  • Clicks per second
  • Uptime tracking
  • Redirecting process time
  • Server node deploy time
  • System updates

Decrease Click Losses to Boost Your ROI

More clicks redirect to the 3rd party system means it might bring more conversions and revenue. In this condition Faster tracking speed can add tremendous value. More than 7 nodes have been established around the world. Our highly skilled technical team made a great effort on optimizing server nodes and redirect speed, especially in Southeast Asia, India, South America, and so on. FuseClick also can deploy more nodes on demands, to lead traffic to local servers. The deployment of a new node can be done in few hours.

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More than 300 clients all over the world rely on FuseClick platform stability and faster tracking speed that drive your Business to best marketing performance

FuseClick is the platform that develops actively and in case of any problems their technical support answers and solves issues really quickly. If they continue to act this way henceforth, they have all possibilities to become the biggest platform in the world

CEO, Igor Kornev

Phoenix Media

They boosted out ROI to a new level, that's why we choose FuseClick.

Head of Product & Sales Engineers, Xinghua Wong


After switching to FuseClick, we noticed an immediate cost savings every month for our Tracking platform. Because of this, we have grown at the rocket speed and reached where we are today.

CEO, Todd Rambilas


Fuseclick, according to me is the best tracking platform I have ever worked on. Its not only easy to use but also the most cost-effective platform in the market. Fuseclick's robust APIs extensively helped me to create, optimize and monitor all aspects of campaigns running on fellow networks

Strategic Business Partner, Mobifyn INC, Chetan Tomar


Fuseclick is our little secret weapon that helps us to stand out from competitors. With this solution we have seen the minimum discrepancy with advertisers and publishers that is actually giving us a big advantage on competitors. We like FuseClick simplicity – you can set campaigns really fast. It’s pretty straightforward so we have never been messed up with settings. We love it

Business Director,Ihor Korobka

Approach X

Fuseclick has been a savior for all our tracking needs in a cost effective way.

Marketing Head, Vishavjit

Maclato Media

Stability and data safety has always been our concern, with FuseClick we don't have to worry anymore.

Head of Mobile Oversea Business, Xiaodong Lee


After trying a lot of tracking solutions from multiple providers, we've settled for Fuseclicks.They've helped us scale up operations in a cost effective manner. What sets them apart from the other players in the market is their incredible support and their dedication towards improving the product while keep all the clients needs in consideration

Business Head, Heena

Adstacks Media

I was impressed by FuseClick's support services, they made our data migration very smoothly.

CEO & Founder, Lawrence Fu


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