Thrive your mobile business with FuseClick's data driven solutions

We are talking about 99.99% tracking reliability, 115,000 clicks per second and 5ms redirecting process time. All these impressive tech metrics lead to your high ROI performance.
Overall our mission is lower your tracking cost. We work hard to guarantee you the best SaaS solution with the least cost.
We provide 24/7 support with robust business communications - voice, email, instant messaging, calendaring, online conferencing and desktop sharing.
FuseClick updates the tracking system twice a month. Aiming to provide you a simple, smart and easy to use system.
  • Supports offer creation, basic info, defined info, etc. While managing the status of the offer.
  • Supports multiple performance measurement activities including CPA, CPS, and CPC. You can select a pricing model according to your practical demands during the monetization process in order to employ a variety of advertisers and settlement channels.
  • Control traffic according to location (accurate to regions) and mobile device. Users who mismatch the geo- or device-targeted traffic can be redirected through multiple settings. This enables you to optimize traffic.
  • Full restriction and control over the conversion of offers according to conversion quantity and budget. Set up caps according to limited value: system can automatically push email notifications when the caps limit is reached.
  • The speedy search function can help you quickly locate the offer and find its value. You can filter offers by various basic conditions or through inputting direct information related to the offer, such as Offer ID.
  • Gain flexible control over offers. Three access modes are available: Public, Private and Requires Approval. You can manually approve and authorize access to offers.
  • Set up different payout tiers and grouping offers. Set a special price for a publisher according to his traffic quality and conversion state, meanwhile this can be shown in the report and settlement module.
  • Manually generate a tracking link. This can prevent the offer link from being regularly scanned in a bulk mode from outside automated tools, and reduce the possibility of fraud, protecting the stability of the system and the validity of the data.
  • Allows you to open registration and management functions for publishers, as well as award referrer commissions.
  • FuseClick provides an exclusive publisher view from which you can effectively push all kinds of offer information inside the system in a timely manner. In addition, publisher can use a variety of filtering tools to select an offer.
  • Publishers can set up multiple 3rd party pixels or postback URLs inside the system. They can quickly and easily conduct cross-platform testing and optimization during the delivery process.
  • Automatically push information in response to various events, including when abnormal traffic or conversion rates occur, offers expire, offer caps are impending, the offer price being adjusted, etc. System will inform each relevant role via email.
  • Completely manage pixels and postbacks for affiliates and administrators.
  • Overview of every publisher's marketing performance, data and earnings, classified by offer.
  • An overview of the performance data and profit summary of each offer.
  • An overview of the performance data and profit summary of each publisher.
  • An aggregate display of every offer's conversion status together with detailed information and data.
  • Auto-generate invoices by the setting of payment value and payment cycle.
  • Allows you to perform settlements and manage publisher & advertiser billings. We support auto-generation, batch-generation, and manual invoices creation. We also allow you to edit, check, adjust billings and download PDF reports.
  • Adjust each billing amount according to the channel and conversion. This offers you flexible methods of dealing with all kinds of situations that may occur during operation and settlement.
  • For publishers who need special treatment, you can customize their payment cycles and methods while generating their invoices.
  • Brand your network's user-friendly interface through multilevel customization.
  • Customize user permissions and role controls for each individual accessing the platform.
  • Internal email system allows you to communicate with affiliates and advertisers through newsletters, SMS or other forms of communication with timely updates and notices.
  • Track all changes made by account managers and system administrators, to identify and understand why the changes were made in a certain period.
  • Rest easy with worldwide co-location through Amazon Web Services and optimized server nodes for targeted areas.